120L Wheelie Bin

(2 customer reviews)


Volume (L): 120

Weight (kg): approx. 9.3

Nominal load (kg): max. 60

Material: HDPE, UV-stabilized Wheels: 2 rubber wheels 200 mm Corrosion free steel axle

Lid / Body: 2 hinge pins continuous handle.


2 reviews for 120L Wheelie Bin

  1. Fidelis Fredrick

    Just wanted to place an order for a dustbin 120L and a dozen of trash bags.

  2. Ritha-Mama D

    I bought one from you.Thank you it saves us right. Keeps our environment clean all the time.Very easy to manage garbage nowadays.

    We would want to order a dozen of the trush bags.Let me send you a request through whatsapp.

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